Anavar (Oxandrolone) 50mg

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Application: oral

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Dosage: 50mg

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Oxandrolone – anabolic and androgenic steroid. It was first released on the market in 1964. The company Dragon Pharma. Today is known under many brand names, including Vasorome, Anatrofil, Anavar. In essence Oxandrolone – synthetic steroid with A Heterocyclic ring, in which the oxygen atom replaces a carbon atom. The steroid is very popular due to its low androgenic anabolic activity and a high index.

Like many other AAS, oxandrolone originally designed for medical purposes. It has been used to treat anemia, Turner’s syndrome, HIV infection, strengthen bones and recovering from burns. It was not long, and Anavar firmly rooted in sports pharmacology. For competing athletes is a prohibited drug.

The steroid profile

·                    Anabolic effects – 400% of testosterone.

·                    Androgenic effect – 25% of the testosterone.

·                    Conversion rate into estrogen (aromatization) – absent.

·                    Effects on liver – weak / moderate.

·                    The release form – tablets.

·                    Period – up to 12 hours.

·                    Detection time at Doping Control – up to six months.

I must say that the reception of oxandrolone is probably the best solution for women. Low probability and severity of adverse reactions (high anabolic index) indicate that Anavar exceptional security.

The effects from taking Oxandrolone

Increasing the hardness of muscles and relief. The most common steroid used for this. Bodybuilders in the drying course with oxandrolone receive quality and relief muscle mass without fluid buildup.

·                    The increase in power rates. The steroid Anavar not infrequently used boxers, athletes, skiers andrepresentatives species sport from weight categories.

·                    Increasing the level of growth hormone.

·                    Burning fat.

Course solo oxandrolone

Admission solo Anavar is recommended to increase the relief of muscle. Gain weight with this steroid extremely inefficient and very costly from a financial point of view. Top results show the drug to athletes with an average content of adipose tissue and sufficient muscle mass. The course of oxandrolone solo lasts 6-8 weeks, with the daily dose is 20-80 mg. Such a wide margin due to individual differentiation.

Determining the optimal dosage of oxandrolone on the basis of many factors: the experience in the application of anabolic and androgenic steroids, the ultimate goal of receiving physiological characteristics of the body, training methods, etc. In order to get the maximum benefit from the course Anavar solo, you must before starting to undergo a full medical examination and consult a physician. Throughout steroids need to monitor physiological parameters and make appropriate adjustments.

Take oxandrolone on the course it is advisable to build a ladder. It is recommended to start with a minimal dose – 20 mg, and gradually increase them to the optimum. Divide the daily value equivalent to the number of shares will allow to balance hormones, which reduces the probability of failure and the occurrence of side effects. FCT after oxandrolone starts in 2 days at the end of the course. Held tamoxifen – 10 milligrams daily (restore endogenous testosterone levels), 1-2 weeks. Correctly chosen sports nutrition will enhance the effect.

Combined courses

As for how to receive oxandrolone in combination with other AAS, is to minimize the adverse reactions and increase the results recommended vysokoandrogennye steroids. For example, Primobolan, different testosterone or Sustanon. In the combined reception Anavar dosage is 40 milligrams. For girls combine desirable.

Side effects of medication with oxandrolone do not cause much harm to the liver, despite the fact that it is 17-alpha-steroid aklillirovannym. According to studies, the use of Anavar in a daily dosage of 20 mg does not affect the status of liver enzymes. Oxandrolone does not aromatize, and therefore does not cause estrogenic manifestations. Possible side effects of steroid Oxandrolone associated with the ability to suppress testosterone production, though only slightly. If you exceed the recommended dosage level of endogenous hormone the body is regarded as too high, and it ceases to secrete testosterone. In the most severe cases, it can lead to testicular atrophy. But if you follow the rules, which contains instructions for use Anavar, and follow the doctor’s recommendations, the negative reactions in 99% of cases do not occur.

Unlike most oral steroids, which are Class II steroids giving most of their anabolic effect by means other than the androgen receptor (AR), it seems that oxandrolone probably does have good binding to the AR, and is therefore a Class I steroid, while having little other effect. By itself it is considered to be a weak anabolic.

Partly this is due to its apparent lack of non-AR-mediated activity. This can be corrected of course by stacking with a Class II steroid such as dianabol, anadrol, 4-AD, or nor-4-AD: the latter two steroids require high blood levels which are not obtained by oral use of the powders.

The other part of the reason for this is that bodybuilders make unfortunate and unreasonable comparisons when judging anabolic steroids. If say 8 tablets per day does little, then the drug is pronounced useless or weak by the user. But that is only 20 mg/day, or 140 mg/week. Does 140 mg/week testosterone give much results? No. Few anabolic steroids give dramatic results at that dose. Per milligram the potency is reasonable, but each individual tablet is weak because the dosage is small.